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BIMoS Distinguished Lecture

For the BIMoS Distinguished Lecture an internationally recognized scientist in the general field of modeling and simulation is invited.

All BIMoS Distinguished Lectures take place in room H 3005 in the main building of the TU Berlin in Straße des 17. Juni 135, 10623 Berlin.

Upcoming BIMoS Distinguished Lectures

Winter Term 2017/18

Title: "The promise of Infrared Spectroscopy"

Prof. Dr. Chandrajit Bajaj (U Texas)

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

4.30 pm - 6 pm (c.t.)


A key theme in near and mid-infrared imaging data sciences is the image acquisition coupled to robust computational analysis of spatial and spectral information, to simultaneously predict shape and functional properties of complex scenes.   Current capabilities allow for the rapid recording of full hyper-spectral image sets, typically 100 GB, having 10 megapixels, with each pixel containing 2000 spectral wavelengths,  with an absorbance value between [0, 1], with noise levels from [10−3, 0.1]. The barriers limiting progress today then is accurate and rapid computational image analysis for the robust elucidation of spatial structure and their material properties.. This talk shall dwell on the success, and current challenges of state of the art machine learning algorithms (spectral de-noising, multi-label classification, functional un-mixing, ..). We quantify the improvement, or lack thereof, using error estimates for image classification and spectral signature recovery.


Previous BIMoS Distinguished Lectures

Summer Term 2017

"Mathematical Mysteries of Deep Neural Networks"

Prof. Dr. Stéphane Mallat (École Supérieure Normale)


Winter Term 2016/17

"Models, Scales, Data"

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Dahmen (RWTH Aachen)


Summer Term 2016

"Navier-Stokes-Fokker-Planck systems: modelling, analysis and computation"

Prof. Dr. Endre Süli (U Oxford)


Winter term 2015/16

“Mathematical models for the cardiovascular system: numerical simulation, control and optimization, clinical applications”

Prof. Dr. Alfio Quarteroni (EPFL)


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