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BIMoS Days

Each BIMoS Day is devoted to introducing a broad scientific audience to a novel methodology with a wide range of applications.

The BIMoS Members may download the presentation slides and recordings from the BIMoS Days here.

Winter term 2019/2020

BIMoS Day "Measuring and modelling the porous structure of soils"

by Prof. Dr. Hans-Jörg Vogel (Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research - UFZ)

December 10, 2019 (16:15 - 18:00)

H 3005, TU Berlin Main Building, Straße des 17. Juni 135, 10623 Berlin


BIMoS Day "Modelling and simulation of non-equilibrium phenomena in  colloidal systems"

by Prof. Dr. Sabine Klapp (TU Berlin)

January 20, 2020 (16:15 - 18:00)

H 3005, TU Berlin Main Building, Straße des 17. Juni 135, 10623 Berlin


16:15 - 18:00 incl. coffee break

Part 1: Overview (Prof. Dr. Sabine Klapp)

Soft condensed matter, such as colloidal suspensions and complex, macromolecular and biological fluids, is a rapidly growing, interdisciplinary field of research connecting different areas from physics, chemistry, and biology to mathematics and engineering. A universal feature of soft matter systems is that the interactions between the individual constituents are of the order of the thermal energy, giving rise to a wealth of phase transitions and self-assembly phenomena at room temperature. Moreover, soft matter can readily be driven out of equilibrium by imposing a weak external field such as a magnetic field or a shear flow, or by an internal energy source (such as in bacterial motion). Both, externally driven and intrinsic types of non-equilibrium have recently caused tremendous interest in the soft matter community and beyond. In this lecture we will present and discuss several strategies to describe such phenomena using numerical tools from statistical physics, particularly many-particle computer simulations and coarse-grained dynamical equations for appropriate order parameters. We will also discuss some intriguing examples of such phenomena, including dynamical self-assembly of complex colloids and pattern formation in active fluids.

Part 2: Application to shear-driven phenomena (Dr. Sascha Gerloff)
The second part presents results from Brownian Dynamics simulations for a charged colloidal system under the combined impact of planar confinement and shear flow. After introducing the methodology, we discuss in detail the complex non-equilibrium behavior involving locked states, shear-induced melting and running states characterized by hexagonal order and synchronization. We also propose an effective single-particle description of the depinning transition of the locked state. The lecture closes with an outlook towards realistic confined, shear-driven systems such as a colloidal nanoclutch.


BIMoS Day "Accurate and Scalable Processing of Big Data in Earth Observation"

by Prof. Dr. Begüm Demir  (TU Berlin)

February 10, 2020 (16:15 - 18:00)

H 3005, TU Berlin Main Building, Straße des 17. Juni 135, 10623 Berlin


16:15 - 18:00 incl. coffee break

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