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Prof. Dr. Dieter Scherer



Chair of Research Group at TU Berlin:



Contact Information at TU Berlin:

Technische Universität Berlin
Institute for Ecology

Secr. AB 3
Rothenburgstr. 12
12165 Berlin


Email: dieter.scherer@tu-berlin.de
Phone: +49 (030) 314 71356
Fax:     +49 (030) 314 71355



Further information can be found on: http://www.klima.tu-berlin.de/index.php?show=team_scherer&lan=en


Research Focus:

My research interest is to investigate interactions between atmospheric processes and other components of natural and anthropogenically influenced geo-ecosystems in various regions of the world spanning from the European Arctic, Scandinavia, Central Europe, Northwest Africa, High Asia, Korea to Peru. In natural geo-ecosystems at high latitudes and in high mountain ranges my studies focus on climate-glacier interactions and hydrological systems, while, on the other side, urban climates and their human impact are major research topics in cities. Natural hazards and risks related to weather and climate are cross-cutting themes linking these contrasting study regions.   A broad spectrum of experimental and theoretical research methods including numerical modelling have been and are developed, tested and applied by my research group to address the above-mentioned research themes:

  • Meteorological field measurements using automatic weather stations (AWS)
  • Boundary-layer field measurements of turbulent heat fluxes using eddy-covariance systems
  • Air-chemistry measurements of trace-gas concentrations and fluxes.
  • Long-term operation of an urban-climate station network in Berlin
  • Long-term operation of a thermal infra-red (TIR) camera system in Berlin
  • Analysis of remote sensing data (optical, TIR- and SAR systems)
  • Generation and analysis of digital terrain and surface models
  • Numerical modelling of atmospheric processes (focus: local- and meso-scale atmospheric models for regional atmospheric refined analyses)
  • Numerical modelling of hydrological processes (focus: snowmelt-runoff models, water transports in snow covers)
  • Numerical modelling of energy-, water- and mass balances of glaciated drainage basins
  • Numerical modelling of snow-related natural hazards (focus: slushflows)
  • Automated analysis and assessment of climate and air-quality aspects for urban and regional planning purposes
Short CV
Since 2003
Professor of Climatology, Technische Universität Berlin
2001 - 2003
Business development manager/senior consultant "Geosciences and Remote Sensing", CREASO GmbH, Gilching, Germany
Habilitation in Geography, Faculty of Sciences, University Basel, Switzerland
Invited visiting scientist, Goddard Space Flight Center, NASA, M.D., USA
1994 - 2001
Post-doctoral research assistant, University of Basel, Switzerland
PhD in Meteorology (summa cum laude), Faculty of Sciences, University Basel, Switzerland
Since 1990
Scientific expeditions/field campaigns/research visits to Svalbard, Sweden, USA, Morocco, China, Tibet, Himalaya etc.
1989 - 1994
Research assistant, University of Basel, Switzerland
1984 - 1990
Studies of Physics (Diploma), University of Freiburg, Germany
1982 - 1989
Studies of Geography and Physics, University of Freiburg, Germany
Selection of Awards
Humboldt-Ritter-Penck-Preis (2. Place) of the Gesellschaft für Erdkunde zu Berlin for dissertation "Slush Stream Initiation in a High Arctic Drainage Basis in NW-Spitsbergen - An Energy Balance Based Approach Combining Field Methods, Remote Sensing and Numerical Modeling"
Selection of Activities
Principle investigator, scientific coordinator and speaker of various national and international research projects
Past chief delegate for Switzerland at the Northern Research Basins (NRB) scientific community
Climatology expert for different projects of urban development
Past member of the international scientific steering committee of the ESF SvalGlac project
Member of scientific committees for various scientific conferences
Member of various scientific organisations
Organizer of various scientific events, workshops and conferences
Past elected speaker of the German Working Group of Climatlogy (AK Klima)
Past elected vice speaker of the Innovation Center "Habitat Design" at the TU Berlin
Reviewer for national and international research-related organisations
Reviewer for numerous international scientific journals
Session convener for the American Geophysical Union (AGU) and the European Geosciences Union (EGU)
Organizer of and session convener for various scientific conferences
Five Selected Publications
Curio J., F. Maussion, D. Scherer, 2015.
A twelve-year high-resolution climatology of atmospheric water transport on the Tibetan Plateau. Earth System Dynamics, 6, 109-124.

Mölg T., F. Maussion, D. Scherer, 2014.
Mid-latitude westerlies as a driver of glacier variability in monsoonal High Asia.
Nature Climate Change, 4, 68-73. www.nature.com/nclimate/journal/v4/n1/full/nclimate2055.html

Müller M., D. Scherer, 2005.
A grid- and subgrid-scale radiation parameterization of topographic effects for mesoscale weather forecast models.
Monthly Weather Review, 133, 1431-1442. journals.ametsoc.org/doi/abs/10.1175/MWR2927.1

Fehrenbach, H.-D. Beha, E. Parlow, 1999.
Improved concepts and methods in analysis and evaluation of the urban climate for optimizing urban planning processes.
Atmospheric Environment, 33, 4185-4193. www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1352231099001612 

Scherer D., U. Fehrenbach, T. Lakes, S. Lauf, F. Meier, C. Schuster, 2013.
Quantification of heat-stress related mortality hazard, vulnerability and risk in Berlin, Germany.
DIE ERDE, 144, 238-259.

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