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BIMoS PhD Fellows


Victor Bicalho Civinelli de Almeida

"Aeroelastic numerical investigation of pressure disturbances induced by pulsed detonation combustion in gas turbine axial compressors" mehr zu: Victor Bicalho Civinelli de Almeida

Ali Hashemi

"Compressed Sensing for Neuroimaging" mehr zu: Ali Hashemi

Moreen Heiner

"Modelling hydraulic properties of artificial soil-like substrates, made from wastes" mehr zu: Moreen Heiner

Jean-Mathieu Teissier

"Nonlinear dynamics of magnetic helicity in supersonic magnetohydrodynamic turbulence" mehr zu: Jean-Mathieu Teissier

Alexander von Lühmann

"Innovative multimodal methods of analysis and biosignal acquisition technology for mobile Human Machine Interfaces and brain research" mehr zu: Alexander von Lühmann



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